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What is an Android TV BOX?

What is an Android TV BOX?

The popularity of Android TV box models is getting enormous among high-quality content lovers. Moreover, people who prefer their TV to have innovative capabilities and manage what kind of media they want to watch come among the significant buyer community of these Android boxes. There are many famous Android TV box selling brands that offer many special facilities attracting a more extensive consumer base. So if you are not familiar with the Android TV box, then here we are sharing essential information about the TV box, its features, and which brands are leading in the market. So let us begin. 

What exactly is an Android TV box? 

It refers to a type of streaming device that you can connect with your TV to enjoy streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others. Other names of Android TV boxes include streaming players, connected TV, or set up boxes. Although the device is termed a TV box, it doesn't have to look exactly like a box. In fact, it comes in a diversified range of shapes and sizes, showcasing different qualities. The one similar quality that all Android TV box models have is that they smoothly run over the Android TV operating system. 
When it comes to how they work? The answer is very simple: they use an HDMI port to connect to the TV. After changing a few settings and an internet connection, the Android TV box will begin to work on your TV screen. The homepage of different Android box devices will differ depending on the brand. 

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