New USA CATV+ IPTV Subscription Original provider with wholesale price
Our CATV+ IPTV with 2000+ Live TV channels (all Top-viewed, Pay-per-view,Premium Sports, 100+ Children, America local and Americanstate Channels,10,000+ Updated and Classic VOD, Movies, Tv Series, xXxcontents
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MAXIV is an Android TV Streaming Box Upgraded Model 2023

Octastream Max Ⅳ is by far the Most Powerful, User-Friendly Media Streaming Device for Home Streaming Entertainment!  This IPTV Box adopts the lasted 2T2R Wi-Fi technology, which makes our streaming device 60% faster and more stable! You don't have to be tech-savvy to use this box!  Simply connecting your HDMI cable from the box to the Tv, and then connect your Wi-Fi and within 5 minutes of installation, you can enjoy watching Tv, a favorite movies, hassle-free!

Shipping date : within 7 Days

Features and Benefits
- A One-time payment, watching without any subscription fee in the United States and Canada!

- Easily access more than 1000+ HD Live premium channel

- Endless entertainment, 10,000+ movies and TV series Available with all genres:

- 7 Days Playback function, never miss any big news and your favorite sports matches

-  High quality streaming output: Android Tv Box supports 4K/6K Ultra HD resolution and High Dynamic Range, experience clarity and smoothness like never before

- Works in every country - All you need is a TV and an internet connection. Connect and Go! It's also very convenient to carry and travel

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