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List of the Popular Android TV boxes to buy in 2022

List of the Popular Android TV boxes to buy in 2022

Nvidia Shield TV Pro

It is one of the popular Android TV box models that has been available in the market for a while now. The device comprises Atmos and Dolby vision allowing users to enjoy the streaming services in 4K HDR. Further, you get Google assistant integration, helping you manage your TV system with your voice command. This particular model offers a 25% faster processing Unit in comparison to other similar models available. Model uses Navidia Tegra X1+ processor.

Octastream Android TV (Q4 Elite)

Octastream offers a range of Android TV box models to satisfy different requirements of its varied user base. The brand is known to provide comparatively most stable Android boxes for non-stop home streaming. The new models, including Octastream Q4 Elite, come with a built-in artificial intelligence framework, voice control IPTV box, and Bluetooth remote controller. New models showcase compact and flat rectangular shapes with an attractive design added with an LED display. The Octastream Q4 Elite model has more features than any other upgrades available from the brand. It can work with 2T2R Wi-Fi technology making the streaming services 60% faster.  Also, you get access to over 10,0000 plus web content for free. 

Amazon Fire TV Cube

The TV box device comes with Amazon Echo smart speaker and smart TV stick that can impress you right away. The Fire TV cube model from Amazon is most suitable for users that already have an Amazon subscription.  Also, this model is one of the high-end products that Amazon sells. The provided voice assistant Alexa makes it easier for users to manage their online tasks. 

Xiaomi Mi TV Box S

The brand provides a robust Android TV box model named Xiaomi Mi TV Box S that Enables you to enjoy a variety of streaming applications, including Google Play, Netflix, and YouTube. With this model, you will get an output resolution of 4K HDR along with Google Assistant integration enabling you to navigate your Android TV box using your voice commands.

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