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By Jonny chen | 19 May 2022 | 0 Comments

PrimeStreams iptv be in danger

PrimeStreams is one of the most popular pirate IPTV supplier, but after dealing with a hacker attack in 2019, more severe problems lie on the horizon. The operators of PrimeStreams are now being sued by cable company in the USA, with potential damages easily running to more than tens of millions of dollars.
Many of suppliers, customers and resellers facing an interesting conundrum.
Besides, being unsuccessful dramatically caused the odds of legal trouble but isn’t conducive to getting rich. On the other, a good product coupled with brand awareness can caused commercial success, at least until that profile attracts the wrong type of attention.
As one of the most popular IPTV provider, PrimeStreams appears to fall into the latter category. In late 2019, the IPTV provider found itself being extorted by a hacker who claimed to have obtained the details of around 121,000 of its subscribers.
To PrimeStreams’ credit, customers were immediately informed and somehow a total disaster scenario was avoided. Now, however, PrimeStreams’ operators have new adversaries to deal with, ones that will be demanding a lot more than ‘just’ $70K in bitcoin.
PrimeStreams Sued in the United States
In a lawsuit filed in a Kentucky court this month, US broadcaster DISH Network and streaming platform Sling TV accuse PrimeStreams of infringing their rights on a grand scale via their internet ‘rebroadcasting’ operation.
The complaint names Daniel Scroggins, Steven Daugherty, and corporate entity Dscroggs Investments LLC as defendants, citing large-scale breaches of the Federal Communications Act and the anti-circumvention provisions of the DMCA.

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