New USA CATV+ IPTV Subscription Original provider with wholesale price
Our CATV+ IPTV with 2000+ Live TV channels (all Top-viewed, Pay-per-view,Premium Sports, 100+ Children, America local and Americanstate Channels,10,000+ Updated and Classic VOD, Movies, Tv Series, xXxcontents
By Jessie | 24 May 2022 | 1 Comments

Octastream Q4 Elite

Octastream Q4 Elite 2022 is loaded with advanced streaming media technology into the most suitable hardware, Octastream provides the easiest cord-cutting solution for every household. By simply connecting the box to your TV and internet, then you're easy to access tons of content. The Bluetooth Control supports various Apps, and you can speak to your remote to easily control your TV box. Octastream also takes care of every customer, providing customer service and technical support 24/7.

Q4 Elite New Feature:

  1. 2GB RAM,16GB Storage: Streaming faster and smoother
  2. Voice Control Remote: Enjoy your TV time Hands free
  3. Dual Band Wifi: Stronger WiFi Connection
  4. New Interface and Hotkeys Function: Easier to play

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