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By Jessie | 24 May 2022 | 0 Comments

How to Build Your Own IPTV Box Brand?

You must aware of more and more households are taking IPTV as their TV entertainment instead of traditional cable TV in recent years. If you’re running Android TV Box and IPTV Box business, the greatest opportunity is to build your own IPTV Box brand in the continuously growing market. Octastream Company is the most reliable partner in the industry to help you expand your business.

1. Benefits of Building Your Own IPTV Box Brand

  1. Make sure your customers loyal to your brand, not the device you’re selling now! It’s not only about the customer’s next buyer choice. We all know the best marketing strategy is Word-of-Mouth Marketing, we do believe our family’s, friends’ recommendations more than others. So if you’re running your own IPTV Box band, you have more potential sales when getting a loyal customer.
  2. More flexible customization. Your customers may have differentiated requirements when it comes to standard devices or services. It’s no question that you can fulfill more needs to gain more customers if you can. And Octastream Company made it as simple as possible!
  3. Cover your local market. If you partnered with Octastream Company, you get dealer area protection in your local market. Besides, you can promote your own brand without any limitations.

2. Several Things You Need to Concerns before Building Your Own Brand


Choose the right IPTV Box manufacturer.

In the IPTV box industry, not every manufacturer can last forever, you’d better choose the partner that reliable enough. Octastream Media Technology Co. is a professional IPTV Box company with years of ODM and OEM experience, and we’ve helped many clients built particular brands per their request, you can partner Octastream with confidence.

Make sure your brand has a shining spot to promote.

In another way, create competitive differentiation in comparison with the original brand. It can be the specs, shape designs, UI and launching designs, or all of them. Octastream will give you multiple choices before launching your brand.

Do market research before investment.

We do have a minimum quantity for ODM service, the amount is 5,000 pieces. Evaluate your monthly sales, do research of your local market. Octastream can offer various support for your promotion, but if you’re still far away from the MOQ, just don’t risk your money on customizing the brand.

3. Procedure of Building Particular IPTV Box Brand


Step 1. Appearance and UI Design

Your brand should have a unique integrated design style, including the logo, dashboard, animation, UI, package designs. Our graphic designer will help you o build a modern-style brand as you like, all you need to do is to select what you like.

Step 2: Customize Hardware

Customers will always like premium devices with higher specifications. You can select a bigger ROM, bigger RAM storage, high-end chip to your IPTV Box brand. And the box can be more versatile as it is an Android device, we can adopt different hardware to achieve more needs like playing large-scale games, voice-control, or any features you want to add.

Step 3: Customize Pre-install APPS

SuperBox is a one-stop-solution provider for IPTV boxes, you’re free to add multiple popular APPS like YouTube, Netflix, HULU, HBO, even customized Apps to your box. Your customers will enjoy the most convenient and stable streaming experience.

Step 4: Testing and Trial Production

Quality is the secret that Octastream gained so much trust from clients. Our engineering team will test the device thousands of times in different environments before production. And the trial sample will be sent to you for the first time for confirmation.

Step 5: Production and Delivery

Octastream is the best one-stop-solution for IPTV Box brand building, we have our own hardware manufacturer, software technical team, professional customer service team. You get everything covered with efficiency. Since you made a quote to our sales representatives, you will receive the sample within 2 months, and the first batch of products in 3 months.

Final Thoughts

So if you want to expand your IPTV box business, then you might consider building your own IPTV Box brand. Octastream is the best IPTV Box one-stop-solution provider, feel free to drop a message, we will figure out a perfect solution together.

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