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By Jessie | 31 May 2022 | 0 Comments

How is live streaming done?

Live streaming involves the use of several elements which form the entire network channel so that the recorded signals can be transferred to any desired location where the user is accessing the same track through the internet. 

This section has described the entire process of live streaming and how the network channel is being established. 

1. Camera and video recording equipment are used to film the video at a faster rate. The original video being recorded is passed over to an encoder which converts those data into bite-sized digital signals. 

2. The digital signals can be mixed using a mixer and then a transcoder; it can be transferred over the internet at a multi-bit rate. This multi-bit rate attribute will help the users view the videos according to their internet's bit rate capacity. 

3. The signals are transferred from the host encoder to the nearest geographical server present in the CDN or the Control Delivery Network. The signs are transferred to the nearest server from the first server until the signals reach the final server close to the receiving user. 

4. The CDN plays a significant role in ensuring that the video and audio signals are adequately streamed without losing any signal. However, if the transmitting and receiving servers are placed far apart, it will take longer to load the video. 

5. Once the internet server receives the signal, it can be streamed on the TV, provided you have an HDMI box that converts the digital signals into analog ones. 

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