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By Jess | 02 June 2022 | 0 Comments

Benefits of live streaming

1. With live streaming, one will be able to gain a better and larger audience group. For example, with the Tokyo Olympics 2020 being streamed live, the broadcasting partner of NBC has gained a lot of viewers compared to what it had earlier. So, for increasing the audience for any channel or streaming platform, live streaming is one of the best methods. 

2. There will be no loss of data, filtering of content, elimination of certain portions of the clips, and other such manipulations with the content. Hence, the videos and audios being streamed live will have richer content with a higher value that is not possible for the standard videos you see on the TVs or the broadcasting platforms. 

3. Although most people think that live streaming is difficult to achieve and lots of distortions are introduced in the signals, these are nothing but myths. On the contrary, streaming live videos over the CDN network is easier and faster than stream recorded videos. This is because satellites, antennas, and broadcasting stations are involved during typical video streaming, complicating the entire process. But for living streaming, internet and CDN servers are mainly used along with HDMI-based streaming devices

4. Live streaming of any event or video is very affordable to watch compared to record streaming. Moreover, no manipulation or other work is done on the videos and audios in live streaming, further reducing the overall expenses. Hence, all you need is a subscription for the internet and the broadcasting partner on whose channels the videos will be streamed. 

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