New USA CATV+ IPTV Subscription Original provider with wholesale price
Our CATV+ IPTV with 2000+ Live TV channels (all Top-viewed, Pay-per-view,Premium Sports, 100+ Children, America local and Americanstate Channels,10,000+ Updated and Classic VOD, Movies, Tv Series, xXxcontents
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Advantages of Octastream Q4 Elite Android TV box

  1. The user doesn't have to pay a subscription fee or extra charges for watching free IPTV channels, or for using the applications of the Octastream Q4 Elite. The user only has to pay for the android TV as a one-time payment, and then they can download all the recommended applications.
  2. With the Octastream Q4 Elite Android TV box, you can access more than 1000 live high definition premium channels for free, which includes live news, sports, political entertainment, kids special, and TV shows. IPTV also provides channels in various languages and categories like network TV, regional and local channels, sports network channels, 24/7 channels, News channels, NBA, MLB, NFL, NCAAF, NHL, Canada (English & French), Latin (Spanish), or Filipino.
  3. The free IPTV box channels are updated automatically in the Octastream Q4 Elite every day between 12 Pm to 5 Pm.
  4. The entertainment channels offer free access to 10,000+ movies and TV series Available in all genres like Popular, New, Classic, Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Horror, Musical, Mystery, Romance, Sci-fi, Sport, Thriller, War, Western, 18+movies, etc.  
  5. All Live sports channel packages are available in HD quality without freezing or loading error. The sports channels include American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Ice hockey, Cricket, Soccer, Boxing, Golf, volleyball, MMA, etc.
  6. With a 7-days Playback function offered by the Octastream Q4 Elite android TV box, the user can navigate to the playback option if they miss their favorite sports telecast, important news, or movie.
  7.  Q4 Elite TV box supports brilliant picture quality of up to 6K Ultra HD resolution and High Dynamic Range so that the user can experience highest level of clarity, detail, and smoothness.
  8. The Octastream Q4 Elite android TV can be used in many countries. With a proper internet connection and television, it can work in almost any country.   


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