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How A VPN Works And What It Does

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is considered by many to be the (golden standard) way to hide your IP address, encrypt your internet connection, secure your data and protect your privacy. Here’s how it works.

Optionally, you can use a VPN to connect to the internet. When you are surfing the internet with a VPN, you first connect to a VPN provider. You then, from their server, connect to the internet. Since your ISP does not connect you to the internet, they cannot block you from accessing any content and because all data is encrypted, they cannot view any of your traffic. Also, using servers located in other locations all over the world, your location can be spoofed easily and content that has been geo-blocked is now accessible by anyone anywhere.

A virtual private network (VPN) is a private network that uses a public network infrastructure to enable remote users to securely access an organization’s intranet. When you use a VPN, you connect to a VPN server, which then connects you to the internet via encryption. This creates what’s called a “virtual tunnel,” meaning your data is encrypted and held within the layer of the VPN tunnel. Because no one else can see inside this tunnel except for those who are authorized, it protects your identity, personal data, and browsing activity from outsiders.

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In conclusion

Streaming is the most popular use of IPTV VPNs, but they offer other benefits such as access to a global and unblocked internet, anonymous surfing/browsing, improved streaming performance and defeat ISP throttling.

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