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By Jessie | 18 August 2022 | 0 Comments

How much storage do you want in your TV box?

Streaming TV boxes aren’t known for their amazing specs, as most of these devices are simply made with online media consumption in mind. It’s not uncommon to see budget quad-core chipsets and 1GB or 2GB of RAM on these devices.To get more news about octastream, you can visit official website.
However, another big cutback we see is in the storage arena, as many streaming TV boxes only offer 8GB of space. Xiaomi bucked the trend earlier this week with its China-only Mi Box 4S Max, offering 64GB of storage.
Xiaomi’s new product made us think about the amount of internal storage readers ideally want in their TV boxes (assuming that the box has expansion support via USB or microSD card slot). So let us know by taking the poll above.
We can understand why some people are happy to go with 8GB or 16GB of storage, as streaming by its very nature doesn’t require plenty of space. On the other hand, apps and associated data can quickly chew through 8GB of storage. Want to game on your TV, store media on the device itself, or tinker about with other apps (e.g. web browsers, emulators, etc)? Then 8GB certainly won’t be enough for you.

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